Somehow it is already August 8th, the last minutes of the day.

It is hard to believe that a huge part of the year has passed and disappeared once and for all. It is even harder to realize that time will not stop when you need it to.

Not many updates regarding the life I’ve been living for the last year being single, somehow broken a bit (sometimes a lot), but ready to move on and work hard: I still work hard, I still believe in things and people, still dreaming and try to do the right thing and chase the unchaseable.

With every step I make I feel like I am improving myself. Hard to believe, things that you dream of can be put in life, can be brought into reality and your greatest desires can be reached sometimes; sometimes not and you have to learn from them even if it hurts a bit, move on avoiding the hiccup that delays the grand plan named life.

As always, my messy texts as thoughts vapour in the mind, the brain that is on fire: lately, it is harder for me to concentrate on things, but I do my best, at least I try to.

Today is the day I try to start chasing one more dream. Let’s see how it goes and how long it (I) lasts. All that I can say to myself, is believe in yourself no matter what is in your way. You will be fine.


Emotions: Once We’re Older

The older you become, the harder it gets to express your emotions.

From the very first days, once you were so petite and small, it was so natural and easy; you didn’t even need to try it so hard. It came naturally. It came as it was to be that way and it was

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